What We Are All About ………… Many of us had to deal with something traumatic at some point in our lives. It can range from the death of a family member , a beloved animal, or a violent crime. Some of us have healed from these tragedies, others may need more time, and some are scarred for life. Not that I want you to bring up painful memories, but please try to remember how you felt during that instance when your life changed forever. Now put yourself in another country with those same feelings, where you cannot discern who is friend or foe, where some people greet you with kindness, but other with hostility. Imagine watching your friends, who have become like family, die in front of you, and there is nothing you can do to save them. Imagine the stares that you get from people whose freedom you risked life and limb to protect. Imagine the home where you have lived and loved with a “For Sale” sign out front because you are no longer able to get around in it. Imagine lying in bed with tears in your eyes, waiting for the festive fireworks that sound far too much like gunshot, to finish their flashy explosions, unable to celebrate a National Holiday commemorating the freedoms you fought for. Now image government shutdowns, shrinking budgets, unfair guidelines and inadequate healthcare available to you by the country that you swore to protect. Imagine having to fight for the care you and your family were promised when you signed up to protect your country. Now imagine finding a special place for veterans that understands their struggles. A place that welcomes veterans and their family, and aims to provide the care needed, as well as educational opportunities, resources for employment. Imagine this place being a non-profit organization with a mission focused on serving severely wounded veterans. This organization exists, so you don’t need to imagine anymore. This place is ForVets, Inc., Camp Valor at Otter Springs, Florida. While the organization currently exists with an awesome location the Camp Valor amenities needed are conceptual and still but a dream. This is where your help is needed! To enable ForVets, Inc. to fulfill its intended purpose, donations are needed. Your donations will build the facilities and additional cabins where these endeavors can take place, and families can stay while their loved ones are being cared for. A direct donation would be greatly appreciated, but did you know that all profits received by Otter Springs Park and Campground go towards funding the ForVets Camp Valor project. Taking your family camping for a weekend, renting the Spring House Lodge for your special day, or just buying a soda from the camp store contributes to Camp Valor and all that it plans to do for wounded veterans. Otter Springs Park and Campground is open year round to the public with 636 acres of natural Florida along the historic Suwannee River, where deer often frolic out in the open. There are cabins available for guest to rent, RV sites with full hookups, many primitive camping sites, over 4 miles of ADA compliant trails, indoor heated pool and two springs to enjoy. There are canoes and kayaks rentals, and a variety of special events are frequently held on-site. Please visit the Otter Springs website at http://ottersprings.com or look at Otter Springs Park and Campground Facebook.

For more information call 352-463-0800